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We have three essential fundraising goals that would greatly appreciate your support!


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Drysuits to Keep Our Sailors Safe in Cold Months

Drysuits are full-body waterproof suits that allow a sailor to wear layers of warm clothing without getting soaked. During the cold months, Lake Michigan air and water gets to near-freezing temperatures putting our sailors without proper equipment at risk for frostbite and hypothermia. Therefore, drysuits are essential for training in the cold and our goal is to fundraise enough money to purchase 6 communal drysuits to ensure the safety of our expanding team.


Drysuit Goal: $2,350.00

Rigging Parts to Keep Our Sailors on the Water

5-time Olympic Sailor and Coach Steve Mitchell said “You should always carry at least one spare of everything you need sailing; the boat will break down at the worst possible moment.” We currently rely on the charity of the Jackson Park Yacht Club, our host, for replacement parts. This fundraising goal allows us to be self-sufficient. Specifically, we aim to buy rigging line for halyards and vangs, sail repair tape, fiberglass repair materials, plugs, and spare tiller extensions.


Rigging Goal: $560.00

Fleet of Competitive Boats to Train like we Race

 Though we love our 3 red boats from 2008 on which we perform Frankenstein fiberglass repairs, in order to match our team’s growth and regatta successes a racing fleet is crucial. Our goal is to purchase 6 used 420s from a top-ranked varsity program and bring them to UChicago to serve the team for the next 10 years with love and good care. Included within our goal are the cost of dollies, transportation costs, covers to protect our new boats, and a year’s worth of storage at JPYC. 


Boat Goal: $40,500.00

To help us reach our fundraising goals, please click the button below. When prompted, select “Other University Divisions” from the first drop down menu, then “Center for Leadership and Involvement” in the specific fund drop down. In the special instructions, let us know which goal you would be interested in supporting the UChicago Sailing Team!

As a unit of the University of Chicago, a 501(c)3 non-profit, your donation to UChicago Sailing is 100% tax deductible.

Thank You for your Support and Welcome to the UChicago Sailing Family!

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